Fabio Tudone (fabtud [AT] gmail [DOT] com)

Software Engineer & DevX guild @ Tufin

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Fabio Tudone

Software Engineer from 2002 (16+ yrs) and relentless learner.

Professional Direction

I believe that Distributed Ledger technology, Augmented Cognition (Machine Learning, AI), Augmented Perception (AR, VR, natural HCI), Pervasive Computing (IoT, wearable, mobile) and, later on, Quantum Computing will be revolutionary forces in helping human society tackle scaling, security, governance and real-world complexity in so many fields.

I'm striving to become a more active contributor in at least some of those, as well as building exceptional cloud-native microservices products with advanced interactive Web and Mobile UIs and interactive data visualization while helping improving and/or building any relevant core technologies such as languages, runtimes, frameworks and/or development tools.

Professional Experience

Senior Product Engineer & DevX @ Tufin (Misgav)

Senior Product Lead & Engineer @ BMC AppViz (Tel Hai)

Quasar OSS stack Software Engineer @ Parallel Universe (mostly remotely, Tel Aviv)

Senior Engineer to CTO @ Thron (prev. New Vision), Piazzola sul Brenta (Padova, ITA)

Software Development @ Uniters in Montecchio Maggiore (Verona, ITA)

Junior Software Engineer to Team Leader @ Finantix in Marghera (Venezia, ITA)

Certifications and Courses

Publications and Work references

Computer Science activity

Traditional Education

Spare-time Interests & Hobbies