Fabio Tudone

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Fabio Tudone (ITA/EUR citizen, 38)

I'm a software engineering all-rounder with 14+ years of project/product/OSS development and leading experience at many levels including C-level. Fabio

Certifications and Courses


Currently studying in spare time

Tech skills

Values and traits I believe in and practice

Goal, value and action orientation; thinking out-of-the-box and forward-thinking; simplicity; smartness; reliability; factuality and fact-checking; autonomy; humbleness (awareness of one's limits); righteousness; curiosity, study and learning; proactivity; helpfulness; accuracy; realism; balance; communication; cooperation; kindness and compassion; respectfulness; care; honesty; thankfulness; egolessness; appreciation for diversity.

Looking for


Parallel Universe (2014-present, ISR/USA, OSS core technology and development tools)

Thron (prev. New Vision, 2009-2014, ITA, cloud-based Enterprise DAM):

Uniters (2008-2009, ITA, manifacturing and restoration)

Finantix (2002-2007, ITA, finance)

Computer Science (Ca' Foscari University, Venice ITA)